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Cupcake Final

Growing up my Mom would make a delicious dark chocolate cake with a hard sugary caramel frosting. Instead of water, this notorious delight had a cup of black coffee in place of water, and the icing ...

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Fall is coming somewhat soon. I think we have about three yellow leaves in our yard, clearly time to start work on some pie recipes. I am on a sugar free kick right now so this pie has absolutely no ...

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I am a big fan of pinterest and spend a good chunk of my time perusing the "food & drink" section. Pinterest is a beautiful smorgasbord of recipes ranging from vegan delights to somebodies famous ...

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Hippies know what's up when it comes to granola. The stuff you can purchase in the store is way over priced and not very good. Making your own granola is so easy and so extremely delicious. It is such ...

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I absolutely love having eggs in the morning. I have to hold myself back from eating them every day, I try and mix it up a bit. So naturally when I do eat them, I am always looking for new ways to ...

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For most of my life, pasta with white sauce has been a treat that my body just can’t handle. The thick, creamy sauce is so tempting when it’s on the plate but very difficult for many people to digest ...

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